Shifting Through Parallel Realities

Shifting Through Parallel Realities

Live spontaneously from moment to moment, being fully present, without any expectations whatsoever, because the present moment is all that is. You are not the same person from moment to moment. You are not the ‘you’ that was here a moment ago, literally. You are always shifting through multiple realities as if they were side by side, this is why they call them ‘parallel’ realities.

“Nothing has happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now.” – Eckhart Tolle.

We shift through these ‘Nows’ creating movement and time in our 3d reality. Parallel realities are absolutely frozen ‘Nows’, completely still frames that we are shifting through very fast. This can be understood by comparing it to a film reel, all the frames are still and the reel spins fast across the projection light onto a screen it creates the appearance of movement on the screen, all the ‘slides’ are completely still though. There are endless parallel realities like ‘slides’ in infinite directions. Anything you can imagine is a possibility. All are laid out like as if on a table in front of you. You put them all together into the sequence that you are experiencing as your ‘perspective’; it seems fluid but is not. Parallel realities going from one to the next is what creates the illusion of time that we all experience. According to Bashar you shift through billions of parallel realities per second. Whatever slide your consciousness focuses in on is your experience of the now. You are always shifting, it’s actually impossible to not shift, even if you are perfectly still you are still shifting through parallel realities. You don’t have to try to shift, it’s how you appear to walk across the room, by shifting through the realities like a film rolling. The shifting is how you progress from one moment to the next, shifting through ever new nows. What you shift to depends on your beliefs about yourself and the world.

You unconsciously choose your reality based on your beliefs or belief systems. You absolutely have to believe in something in order to have an experience; you believe that you’re sitting behind a computer. You believe that your typing words, if you didn’t believe that then you would not be able to have this experience. You shift to the reality of your choosing according to what you believe about yourself and what you believe about the world. Most humans are operating according to negative beliefs. Every single now is an entirely new now or every single ‘you’ is an entirely new ‘you’ from moment to moment but your beliefs have made your present reality seem so similar to the last that you don’t notice that it’s not the same one.

We Shift Through Parallel Realities

Paulo Zerbato

If you think about the past or if you think about the future then you are missing out on the now. You are a completely different person but you agree to connect the moments together through your belief systems. If you carry the past into the now you will just experience more of the past situations, the past will continue to re-affirm itself in the now. So follow your joy to make your reality better right now.

Children are so happy because they are unconditioned, worry free, they allow the now to be their playing field. When you are unable to live purely in the moment happy and free it is because of a core belief that you have that is negative. A negative belief is a negative definition that you have given to your “now”. The definition does not allow change of the belief. The belief reinforces itself by thinking that the reality is set in stone, stuck, unchangeable, immovable, when it is actually shifting constantly from one right after another only seeming to be the same. You choose to be the same person with the same problems every moment.
You carry negative definitions about yourself and the world into the moment making you repeat the past, not living in the now. Most of those beliefs/definitions are not even yours, they are someone else’s, they are what you have ‘picked up’ or been conditioned to believe about yourself or the world from childhood. You can also decide to be a completely different ‘you’. Have you ever been upset, to the point of almost breaking down, but someone came in who is funny or theatrical and made you forget for a split second that you were upset? And even though you notice this self-in-self observation, you still actually choose to be upset again upon remembering that you’re sad? Have you ever noticed yourself being emotional? And in that state of the observer realized that the emotions are not even who you really are? How can ‘you’ notice ‘yourself’? Your real self is the one observing this self that is a false ego. The observer is the true self. The thinker or the rationaliser and the self are two different levels to your being. As the self you aren’t emotional at all, you have pure feelings but no emotions. Interrupt that sad thought and replace it with a self inquiring one. Be amused at your ability to move from the minds constant drama into the self. Especially when you know that reacting emotionally when circumstances arise solves nothing, just perpetuates agony confusion and fear even further. Think of when a baby falls down bumping his head on the couch but he doesn’t know that you seen him fall, so because it only hurt a little he just ignores it and keeps playing, but if the mom looked up and asked “awe are you ok?” he would cry and cry for attention. He would be feeling that desperation for comfort, because he believes that we should worry, because he is being conditioned by his parent’s definitions/beliefs to stress, worry and seek reassurance and comfort.

We all live in individual realities with certain beliefs or belief systems that are on an individual level and some beliefs are on a mass consciousness level. Even though shifting is on an individual level there are also collective beliefs that you must, for the most part, obey, like gravity. These are beliefs that usually stay in place to exist in the template of physical reality. We are all sharing ideas that make the shift seem like a group endeavor, but it is in fact an individualistic effort. There is a parallel reality for everything you can imagine, even me waking up on an island in the middle of nowhere. But teleportation being impossible is one of those collective beliefs that are very engrained, but people have done it, especially in ancient times building the pyramids at Giza and other monolithic sites that are still around they used levitation to build. We will continue to advance again as a civilization where, those who shift to that definition will have beliefs that they can levitate and teleport, and they will. They will not be as limited as us. Like in a dream or astral travel, we will be able to materialize in different ‘places’ or parallel realities.

One of the negative beliefs ‘self reinforcement mechanisms’ is that realities don’t change that fast but it can. If you are able to make a greater degree of change to your shifting, then you could experience being happy when you were just sad, feeling inspired and compassionate when someone acts negative towards you. These challenges are actually just your higher self trying to teach you by testing you. Prod you into seeing truth about forgiveness or tolerance and deeper levels of understanding “All That Is”. Shift to a reality where conflict is welcomed as a challenge, a way to grow more. Time is an illusion; you can even change the past. And you do, that’s how we shift, we are not our past. When you live in the now you never had the problems, if you don’t choose them then they don’t exist. When you are beyond time you are omnipresent.

You are in your moment, I am in mine. I am experiencing what I perceive, perception is key. We can both be looking at “the same thing” yet my experience can be so different to yours. Think of the first day of starting a new job or school year, notice how much it changes by the next week, or by the end of the season or year. And someone can really enjoy their co workers or classmates, while another is in hell. They are both supposedly at the same ‘place’ yet get something totally different out of it, that’s because its not the same place at all. Location is not actually localized other then in a sense of an idea or agreement temporary until it de-coheres.

In quantum physics they say that some of the smallest things measurable by our technology, particles and sub atomic particles, appear to be in ‘superposition’ or existing as possibility or ‘waves’ until an observer or consciousness ‘collapses the wave function’. The wave function is the quantum state of an electron before it appears in one place or another, it is not solid, not yet a particle but a wave that slips through your fingertips. Turn on the light and see the light particles appear everywhere at once, it’s a particle but actually just a wave, we are made up of atoms being moved around by electrons that are all popping in and out of existence randomly. One unfortunate thing about these discoveries is its impossible to measure with solid undeniable proof what something looks like before it happens, before the observer collapses a wave function. Because when doing an experiment they must observe the results, thus collapsing it into a solid state. The very act of observation is what collapses it, how can they ‘look’ at an un observed experiment? But they are clever, they have found ways around that for instance with “the double slit experiment” and by using a “random number generator”. A random number generator is a way of changing results of an experiment with ‘intention’ after it is recorded on a tape. We all are made of particles. This “stuff” that is not really stuff but waves, waves of unending possibilities says quantum physicists, that everything in this world is in a state of possibility or ‘superposition’. There are other theories such as the many worlds or many minds theory that uses the Schrödinger equation that the cat is both alive and dead at the same time but when you look in the box only one possibility is experienced. All these scientific theories are leading edge and considered the most accurate science, you wouldn’t have any modern technology without the discovery of quantum mechanics, you wouldn’t be able to even read this off of the screen of whatever device you’re using in this reality.

Everyone lives in their own subjective realities. When other people interact with you they are actually interacting with themselves using the idea of you in their reality. Only you experience your parallel realities, what they are experiencing is a parallel reality that you are not experiencing. When someone experiences you they are creating their reality with the idea of what they perceive you to be. You also experience parallel realities that they are not perceiving. What you think, you become says the Buddha, this is deeper then we usually interpret. Your thoughts are your reality, what you’re experiencing in this moment. I can hear you speak about your experience, but I cannot actually be in your perspective. I can empathize with you, and we can feel each other vibrationally on many levels. But it’s still overlapping realities that just brush closely by.

If you worry about this world and how people are suffering and that there is an absolute dire need to help others you are practically saying that they will be left behind somehow, forgotten by God or not actually a valid part of “All that is”. This may be a hard one to grasp but… You don’t even really help anyone, not in the particular way we think. They will get the help they need regardless of whether you’re the one to give it or some other permission slip that they attract to themselves. But, you are a necessary part in ‘All That Is”, if they create a need for a permission slip with their belief systems, if they would need an excuse for them to allow them to replace there negative beliefs with positive ones, that is a part for you to play in creation if your highest joy is to help others. For instance, if I needed your help because I was locked outside of my house and you had the keys I would use my idea of you to help myself create a reality where I was helped by you to get in my house. You would intend to be a co creator with me and you would be my tool or permission slip I would use to help myself. My interaction with you is just a reflection of myself and at the same time I am a reflection of yourself, this is all you…

Not being absolutely needed for something shouldn’t cheapen or lesson the greatness of that experience or co creation. You have a place, everyone does, or they wouldn’t be a part of “All That Is”. Be an example, by letting go of negative beliefs that restrain and you will be happier, then when you connect to others with unconditional contagious love it will strike them and open their hearts. This energy of passion to help others, once transformed, is very blessed and moves faster, it speaks the subtle heart language of consciousness so it’s way easier to be that permission slip to your friends.

My ‘now’ can’t be YOUR ‘now’, that is your ‘now’ not mine, I cannot see through your eyes with your consciousness. You and your partner, for instance are shifting in a similar fashion to one another but it is still not the same reality. There can be a greater degree of interaction and ‘likeness’ between what we call ‘soul mates’, but none the less the parallel realities being experienced by the two is only similar, not the same. I am in a parallel reality as your perspective, but that’s not me that is actually you. We make agreements with each other on subtle levels but it’s in an energetic telempathic way, everyone in your reality is really just your version of them. You help the world, by coming into a parallel reality where it is going on already.

Is anyone inherently bad? No, Were inherently good, those who are choosing negative parallel realities are acting out of a fearful core belief and are suffering. They are choosing what they have been conditioned to choose, feeling they have no choice, this is survival to them. Your parents have been conditioned by their parents and so forth. Your core is more dynamic and exciting than you know. Your creating on so many levels, enacting all the examples of “All that is” in as many unique and colorful ways imagined, never the same, always new. ‘All That Is’ is so unconditionally loving that it even allows you to be free to choose suffering. You chose the challenges you are facing, even to be conditioned by your parents and society. There’s no way to avoid challenge, no way to avoid conflict, even if you had two enlightened parents you will find a way to experience conflict. You can simply change the way you view conflict, become exited about conflict rather than scared. You can change your perspective or rather shift to a parallel reality where it is exiting to face challenge, choose it, it is really your choice.

Since we are all inherently loving and good, your highest joy will reflect that in some way shape or form. From the perspective of spirit, or source, people won’t be judged for what they do out of a negative belief system by anyone but themselves. But your highest joy is really to spread love, only someone out of alignment would do harm to others. We are all loving in our higher mind.

If you perfect the skill of following your highest joy, it will include everything that you need to live your ideal reality. You are projecting yourself here from your over-soul, your higher mind, it is connected to everyone and everything it’s not bound by time. It is feeding you many possibilities to play out that ecstatic reality but your beliefs keep you from being connected to your higher mind. Shift to the ‘definition’ you prefer by finding out what core beliefs are holding you back and by reconfiguring your neural net to function in a way that doesn’t reflect that grief. And by following your true happiness, experience the reality you prefer by following your true highest excitement from moment to moment. Do what works for you. If you are attracted to meditation then meditate, if you like animals then work with animals, if you love to write then write, whatever you love to do will be your teacher, your talisman, your permission slip. It will be your happiness and enjoyment of shifting to pleasant realities. Any tool is just a projection, a way to bridge you to your joy, a permission slip for you to choose to shift with a greater degree of difference in the direction of your happiness. See, manifesting shouldn’t be instantaneous, that would boring, the thrill of the chase, conflict, is all a part of the drama. YOU CAN NOT FAIL, you can not disappoint, this is your reality and every moment is fleeting. Spirit doesn’t hold regret, everything is ever new, ever changing, no looking back because the now is all that is, looking back is what keeps us choosing the past instead of the future.

“Paradox is power. Vulnerability is key” – Bashar

Your truth is correct to you, mine is to me because of our realities being subjective, all parallel realities exist, so to many people it is possible I am wrong, to many people I am definitely wrong and that is a true and valid experience.


By: Cheryl Keaton

Shifting Through Parallel Realities

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